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Thermal Shock Chamber - Model(HB-CC703)

Product Description
Thermal Shock Chamberis used to test the bearing extent of the material structures and composite material in an instant and continuous high temperature and extremely low temperature environment, which is in the shortest time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical change or physical harm.
The Thermal Shock Chamberis widely used in metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials and Thermal Shock Chamber can be used as an important reference for improving product quality. It meets the standard of MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB…
Thermal Shock Chamber Features
  • Perfect appearance and easy to operate.
  • Japan LCD English microcomputer temperature controller, with high memory capacity, can save 100 programs, max 9999 cycles, each cycle max time 999hrs.
  • Three chamber structures, high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber and test chamber, control automatically, stay and switch time adjustable.
  • Perfect protection alarm functions: short-circuits, Leakage, over temperature of work chamber; compressor over pressure, over load, short water…
  • Control interface will display alarm reason and provide check methods, machine has emergency stop button.
  • Cold and hot shock temperature recover within 5 minutes, which complies with MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB and other international standards.
  • With RS-232C communication port for connecting PC to control, record and save test report.
Main Parameters Standard Model
Test methodPneumatic operated door switch 3 chambers
Inner dimension(W*D*H) 500*450*450mm
External dimension(W*D*H) 1380*1370*1980mm
Temperature range-40~+80℃
High temperature chamber pre-heating range60~100℃
Heating speed+60→+100℃ about 10 minutes
Low temperature chamber pre-cooling range-65 ~ 0
Cooling speedAmbient →-65℃ about 65 minutes
Temperature deviation±3℃
Thermal recovery timeWithin 5 minutes
External chamber materialAntirust processing cold-rolled steel sheet
Internal materialSUS#304 stainless steel
Thermal insulation materialPolyurethane foam and fiberglass
CoolantR404A / R23
Cooling methodAir cooling
Pressure0.2 - 0.5Mpa
Power supplyThree phase, 380V, 50Hz
The table parameters for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameters
Additional Functions:
  • Timer, over temperature and power failure protection, alarm, record test curve, emergency stop, display test time
  • Circulated cooling water: pressure: 0.2~0.4MPa, temperature: ≤30℃
  • Standard configuration: indication lamp of test chamber, time meter, test hole for wire routing, 6pcs castor, 4pcs adjust wheel.
Programmable Controller:
  • PIC controller for test chamber
  • Step types include: ramp, soak, jump, auto-start, and end
  • RS-232 interface to connect computer for output
Safety devices:
Leakage and breaker, over temperature, low temperature protect device, exhaust valves, sample power control terminal, over temperature protection of high and low chamber, compressor over pressure, over heat protection, out of water relay, heat relay of fan, compressed air pressure switch, fuse, external alarm terminal.