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Sand & Dust Chamber - Model(HB-CC706)

Product Description
The Sand & Dust Chamber can accurately simulate the dust conditions in the natural environment, and the simulated dust environment conforms to the IPX5/IPX6 test requirements. The sand-dust test chamber is mainly used by laboratories or manufacturers to detect the protective ability of the product casing against dust and to determine the level of dust protection.
In accordance with MIL and DIN standards.
Model and Specification:
  • Adjustable temperature range: RT+5°C~60°C (Adjustable)
  • Diameter of metal wire mesh:50mm
  • Wind speed: ≥ 7.5m/s
  • Wire diameter of mesh of chamber: 75~100ūm(100~200)
  • Blowing dust cycle (interval control) adjustable
  • Dosage of French chalk: 2kg~4kg/m3
  • Sample power: DC12V、DC24V/20A
Feature & Material:
  • Chamber Material : SUS 304 Stainless Steel
  • Transparent window is convenient to observe specimen during testing;
  • Blow fan adopts stainless steel shell, high sealing and wing speed, low noise;
  • Inside the shell is funnel type, vibration cycle can be adjusted, dust free float in the sky falling to blowing the hole together.
Control System:
  • The controller is programmable type imported from Germany.
  • Mode is EASY412-AC-RC which can display time and status.
  • Easy setting the parameters, it can revise the parameter without entering in the programme.
  • Can control the total test time, chilling time, blowing dust cycle.
  • It’s the RKC, DC type temperature controller, RT +5°C - 60°C adjustable, the humidity of chamber can be controlled above 50% Rh.
  • The bottom has wheel, easy installation and operate.
  • Dust can add into chamber automatically, and open the valve located in the bottom of chamber can change the dust.
Safety Protection Device:
  • Temperature protection inside chamber to prevent temperature out of controller and then effect the test.
  • Three phase voltage too upper, phase order protection, which can prevent blowing dust fan reversing work.
  • It has time accumulator to prevent cannot know the involuntary time if involuntary interrupt.