Made in India Chambers

Rain Test Chamber - Model(HB-CC710)

Product Description
The product is suitable for testing the adaptability and reliability of electrical and electronic products, materials, spare parts, etc, in the condition of rain and temperature. Can also be used to external lighting and signal device and vehicle lamps shell protection.
Test Standard:
GB10485-89; UL 1598 & IP6
Standard Features:
  • Studio equipped with lighting equipment
  • Rain time, interval time, rainfall intensity, regulate and control apart.
  • Adjustable Test stands rotate speed
  • Controller: Import FM type inverter
  • Times controller: Import programmable computer integrated time controller
  • Water pressure control: flow gauge
  • Observation plane: Large area of toughened glass door visualization
  • Water supply system, booster pump, water storage
  • Safety protection leakage, Short circuit, Motor overheating
Chamber Structure:
  • The outside layer is composed of the high quality stainless steel plate, the inner container is the composed of stainless steel tabula rasa.
  • Large area of visible glass door, easy to observe the test specimens in the testing chamber
  • The button is made of high quality of tank, can be fixed PU activities wheel, it is convenient for user moved.
  • Adjustable speed samples stage.
Control System:
  • (Germany) admiralty. Per stig moller programmable controller to complete the control of the whole system of time and sequence. Adopt imported frequency converter speed effectively guarantee the test according to the standard operation.
  • Equipped with water filter.