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Walk in Environmental Test Chamber - Model(HB-CC705)

Product Description
Walk-in Environmental Test Chamber ,as a climatic test chamber that may be configured to almost any large components . this walk in chamber can do Temperature/Humidity Cycling,Constant Temperature/Humidity,Extreme Temp / Humidity Testing, Fast Ramp Rate,Storage Testing,Altitude Testing,Vibration Integration,Solar Simulation etc.
Walk-in Environmental Test Chamber main for the industry of large parts, semi-finished and finished products of the temperature and humidity testing, such as computer terminals, auto parts. Room temperature and humidity is mainly composed of a control panel, distribution plate, base plate, wet blower, heater, humidifier, refrigerator and.
Meet the standard:
  • GB10592-89 Technical condition of high and low temperature test chamber
  • GB10586-89 Technical condition of damping test box
  • GB2423.1-2001 Test A High temperature test method
  • GB2423.2-2001 Test B Low temperature test method
  • Test method for constant hot and humid test of GB2423.3-93 test
  • GB2423.4-93 Test Db
  • etc
Product performance & features:
  • Walk-in chamber has a big temperature / humidity range and can meet user’s entire requirement. It adapts to unique balance thermoregulation & humidifying way and can get a safety, precise temperature humidity environment. It has stability, balance heating, humidifying function and also can proceed in high precision, high stability temperature humidity control.
  • Walk-in test room is equipped with high precision intelligentized thermoregulator, temperature and humidity adapt LCD display control 7551 program instrument ( it also can use OYO-5461 according to user requirement), can choose the temperature humidity recode instrument.
  • Walk-in test room can choose computer for remote control according to the function
  • Automatic select the refrigerating circuit, the automatic control instrument can automatic choose operate refrigerating circuit’s function according to the temperature set value, and direct-on line starting refrigerating machine in high temperature condition which can cooling directly.
  • The interior door is equipped with big observation window which convenient for viewing the test status of specimen.
  • Walk-in room is equipped with advanced safety protection device --- residual current device; overheat protector, phase failure protector, water-break protector.
Test for the need to place a large number of items to be tested at the same time, shorten the total test time of a Single product, or perform temperature and humidity stress screening (ESS) of the product, or dynamic test requiring large moving space (eg printer temperature and humidity dynamic printing test) and larger products are suitable for this device.
Application Industry:
  • Electronic products
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Food Products
  • Automotive Production like Car, Bike, Commerical Vechical manufacturer
  • Metal Production
  • Plastic Production
  • Others...